Triple Threat Ag Fertilizer Program

If timely and accurate applications are important to your operation, then Triple Threat is the right partner for your fertilizer program.  Equipped with the latest technology and equipment, we can reduce the number of in field passes typically required for multiproduct fertilizer applications.  We have the ability to perform VRT fertilizer applications with up to 3 dry products and 1 liquid product in a single application.  This in turn reduces soil compaction and application costs, which brings savings to your operation.

Unrivaled Precision and Focus

We pride ourselves on timely applications that allow you to get in the field on your schedule, not ours.  We also separate ourselves from other multi-bin applicators with our unrivaled precision and focus on quality.  Extra care is taken to perform daily cleanings and routine calibrations to ensure the booms flow freely and product is being placed where it is needed most.

Economic Fertilizer Supplier

In addition to fertilizer application, Triple Threat has the ability to be your economic fertilizer supplier.  Utilizing relationships built over multiple years in the industry, we can typically source fertilizer at competitive rates.  Passing these savings on to our customers is just one of the many ways we can continue to bring value to your farming operation.  Contact us today to see how Triple Threat can improve your bottom line.

Soil Sampling FAQ

What is a soil test?

A Soil Test is a process by which nutrients are chemically removed from the soil and measured for their plant available content within the sample.  The quantity of available nutrients in the sample determines the amount of fertilizers needed for a particular crop.  A soil test also measures pH and the amount of acidity within the soil to determine if lime is needed and how much should be applied.

How often should a soil be tested?

A soil test should be conducted if fertilizer is going to be applied or when problems occur during the growing season. Once every year is recommended when nitrogen fertilizer is applied, and at least once every three years if P and K are concerned.

When is the best time to take soil samples?

Soil samples can be taken any time throughout the year for checking pH, phosphorus and potassium status.  Collect soil samples 1-2 months before planting. Early spring is a good time to take soil samples for summer crops, and summer is a good time to sample for fall and winter crops.  This allows time for lime recommended to react with the soil and change the pH before the crop is planted. To assess soil available nitrogen, sample as close to planting as possible

How do I request a professional soil sample?

Call Triple Threat Ag today at (316) 644-4437 or (316) 644-0250 to schedule your professional soil sample.